Radio Host Delilah Reveals Her Faith ‘Saved My Sanity’ After Death Of Her Two Sons

Delilah is known for being one of the most popular radio hosts in America, but at her home in Port Orchard, Washington, she is just a mother of fourteen children.

Sadly, Delilah has been through more than her fair share of heartbreak. Her son Zack took his own life at the age of 18 back in 2017, five years after her 16-year-old son Sammy died in 2012 from complications caused by sickle cell anemia. Now, Delilah is opening up about how her faith got her through the unimaginable tragedies of losing two of her children.

“I came to my faith in my 20s and it is my faith that has kept me going through losing two boys, two of my sons, Sammy and Zack,” Delilah said. “There is a verse that says, ‘Every one of our days is numbered before a single one comes to pass.’ That one verse has saved my sanity because all of my sons’ days were numbered. God knew when they were going to leave this earth before they came to this earth and knowing that changes everything. Because if I didn’t believe that, then I would do the what-ifs. What if I had done this differently? What if I had done that differently?”

“I would drive myself insane with the what-ifs. But the reality is I did the best that I could with the information I had. All of our days are numbered,” she continued. “God already knows when he’s going to call me home. So while I have today, while he’s given me this 24 hours, I can spend it mourning and depressed over what I’ve lost or I can spend it rejoicing in children who still need me, who still need their mom to be fully present. So, I choose life. I choose joy. I choose to invest my energies into those people that God has in my life today. I have to. I have no choice. I have dogs and children and goats that need me. I’m up and I hit the floor running and I use my energy to be a blessing, not to focus on myself and my own pain.”

Find out more about Delilah’s story in the video below.


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