Police K-9 Is Rewarded With Egg McMuffin After He Tracks Down Four Suspects

A police K-9 received a delicious treat as a reward last week after he tracked down four suspects who had escaped from  police officers the night before in Branford, Connecticut.

The Branford Police Department took to Facebook last week to praise their K-9 Arrow for the work he put in to apprehend the suspects. Once the suspects were in custody, the officers rewarded the canine.

“Last night K-9 Arrow assisted our neighbors in East Haven with a track to find the people that took off from one of their officers. K-9 Arrow located FOUR individuals in a marsh area,” read the post, which was alongside a photo of the K-9 and his breakfast sandwich. “Apparently he didn’t like the original #workingdogwednesday post I had in mind and had to do this instead. The good boy was rewarded with an Egg Mcmuffin too.”

Police said that Arrow managed to track down the suspects after they ran through a marsh area. Police had been called at around 2am by a neighbor who reported “suspicious individuals pushing a motorcycle up Meadow Street, with a Nissan Maxima following slowly behind them.” When officers got to the scene, the four suspects ran off into the woods.

Undeterred, Arrow and his handler, Sergeant Melissa Carney chased them and quickly apprehended two of them, David Carpio, 20, and Kevin Despres, 20. Once other officers arrested those two, Arrow and Melissa kept going and found suspects Adrian Santiago, 20, and Tyler Souza, 20, hiding in a marsh.

Officers later found that the motorcycle had been stolen, and they charged the four men with larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, trespass, and interfering with police.


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