A pit bull is being hailed by the internet as the “most dramatic” dog in the world after a video went viral showing her faint when her owner is clipping her nails.

Footage of the dramatic dog was first posted online last week, and the video has since gone mega-viral, being viewed millions of times.

The clip was also shared on a Reddit thread that was called “The world’s most dramatic pit bull,” giving other social media users the chance to comment on it.

“And. The. Oscar. Goes. to….,” one person joked, with another person saying. “This is adorable! Give him all the scratches!”

“I actually laughed out loud at work,” someone else commented.

Other people shared their own stories about grooming their dogs.

“My dog ‘dies’ when I go to brush his teeth. He will let me do it, but I literally have to hold his head the whole time,” one Redditor wrote, with another dog owner saying, “Our beagle has to be restrained and howls like he’s been shot before we even touch him.”

One dog owner, however, had what has to be the crankiest pet of all of them.

“My dog spraypoops anyone who tries to cut her nails,” the dog-owner wrote.

Well, I guess nobody said owning a dog would be easy!

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