Over 23 Family Members Of Sidney Poitier Are Missing In The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

The nephew of legendary Hollywood star Sidney Poitier just spoke out to reveal that more than 23 members of his family are feared missing in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

Jeffrey Poitier, 66, revealed last Thursday that many members of his family are missing, including his sister Barbara and his adult children in Freeport, Bahamas. The Category 5 storm killed at least 46 people after it struck the Bahamas last Sunday with winds as fast as 185mph.

“We still couldn’t find anyone, nor have we heard from them,” Jeffrey said. “We are still looking for and waiting for them to appear soon. It has us all worried. We are trying to reach out to them using every means available to us but we are not hearing anything. We are deeply worried.”

Over 500 people in the Bahamas belong to Sidney’s extended family. Jeffrey explained that the actor was born in Miami to Bahamian parents and, that he grew up in the Bahamas. Jeffrey, who splits his time between the Bahamas and New Orleans, said that he had tried calling his sister repeatedly without an answer. He is now hoping to fly to the Freeport area by helicopter later today to search for her himself.

“It’s been very discouraging, very disappointing and very stressful for all of us here in the Americas. It is not easy having to wait for news to find out what happened to your family. I am very worried,” he said.

Jeffrey went on to say that he will need to go back to Nassau over the weekend for the planned funeral of another uncle, Reginald Poitier, who died last month.

“We are all here to support one another in both tragedies,” he said.

Please keep the family of Sidney Poitier in your thoughts and prayers.


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