Ohio Man Takes To Social Media To Thank Stranger Who Taught Him To Tie A Tie For His Dad’s Funeral

An Ohio man just took to social media to thank a stranger who took the time to help him tie a tie for his father’s funeral.

Kevin Butcher of Milford had gone out shopping with his wife Sherri to buy clothing for the funeral of his father. Unfortunately, neither of them knew how to tie a tie, but that’s where Howell Hackler came in.

“I was going to YouTube it, but I’m glad I asked you instead,” Kevin said to Howell, who was in the same aisle as him and was already wearing a tie.

“I said, ‘Excuse me, sir, but my father had passed away and I don’t know how to tie a tie. Would you mind?’ He didn’t hesitate,” Kevin recalled.

The moment was incredibly powerful for Kevin.

“Meeting at a place like this, my dad being a Vietnam veteran… it’s kind of like my dad is thanking him for tying the tie for me,” Kevin wrote.

“If I find somebody that I can help, they want help, I’ll be glad to help them. That’s what I’ve done all my life. Why change?” added Howell.

Sherri took to social media afterwards to find Howell so that her husband could connect with him again.

“He really touched both of us on a really, really hard day,” she said.

“Silly what a little, old tie can do, ain’t it? You’re a kind, kind soul, sir,” Kevin told Howell when they met again. Howell replied, “Love you guys too. Love you guys too. Take care.”


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