Newborn Baby Smiles As Soon As She Hears Dad’s Voice

An adorable photo is going viral this week showing the moment a newborn baby breaks into a huge smile when she hears her father’s voice for the very first time. Right from the start, baby Antonella was a daddy’s girl!

Tarsila Batista of Brazil said that her husband Flávio Dantas made a point of talking to his unborn child every day while she was pregnant.

“He always told her that he loved her so much,” she said, adding that Flávio greeted Antonella each morning and again after getting home from work. He would always stroke Tarsila’s belly while telling Antonella that he would always be there for her. That’s why Antonella had an immediate reaction to her father’s voice as soon as she heard it after being born.

When doctors handed a sleepy Antonella over to her parents right after her birth, Flávio repeated the same things he said when Tarsila was pregnant.

“They put her on top of me sleeping and as soon as he spoke to her, Antonella opened her eyes and smiled,” Tarsila said.

The beautiful moment was captured on camera, and it has since gone viral.


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Quando vi minha família pela primeira vez ❤️?

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“I thought I knew what a feeling of true love was, until I looked at that most sincere smile in the world … it was [there] that I could be sure what love is,” Flávio said.

Making this even more perfect is the fact that Tarsila gave birth to Antonella on August 11, which is Father’s Day in Brazil. Tarsila described Antonella as “a gift sent by my Lord,” while Flávio said his love for his daughter is too big to fit inside his chest.


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