New Trend Has Volunteers All Over The Globe Taking Elderly On Rickshaw Rides In Nature

Cycling is a very fun activity that is healthy for you as well, but it can get harder and harder to do it as you get older. Realizing this, Ole Kassow started a project in Denmark back in 2012 to help older people ride bicycles again, and it has since spread all over the world.

Since elderly people become less mobile, Kassow decided to use rickshaws to get elderly people back on the road again. At first, he only had one rickshaw, which he used to take residents at local nursing homes for rides. This program has since taken off in a huge way, and 38 countries around the world have now adopted the program as well!

Seniors often find themselves spending most of their time indoors, as it gets harder and harder for them to get outside due to health and mobility issues. This is a real shame because nature does wonders for a person’s mental health, which is what makes the Cycling Without Age program so amazing. Volunteers all over the world are happy to take elderly folks out on these cycling rides.

Though the programs around the world are all unique, they each have a similar base. In order to participate in the program, volunteers need to sign up and follow the instructions of their “pilot.” The volunteers begin by riding empty rickshaws, and their first passenger is the pilot. Later on, the pilot is nearby when they take their first real passenger.

Seniors must make an appointment before their ride, and the number of rides they can go on is unlimited. Sometimes, volunteers just visit nursing homes and pick up any interested passengers.

There are currently 11,000 chapter locations across the globe, and the organization uses 1,500 rickshaws and 10,000 pilots. Find out more about this amazing program in the video below!


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