New Trend Has People Upcycling Their Trampolines Into Swinging Chairs

Trampolines are known for being a fun item that you can bounce around on in your backyard, but believe it or not, you can turn them into something even better!

A new DIY trend has people turning their trampolines into swinging chairs, and it’s surprisingly easy to do. Ken Wingard, OWN’s Home Made Simple designer, just went viral by giving the internet instructions on how to carry this trend out.

The first step involves removing the “legs” from your trampoline. Once you have done this, you can use the metal frame of the trampoline, its mat and the springs to make the swinging chair. You will need some pool noodles to pad the metal frame and wrap everything with printed fabric, and you can use spray glue to hold everything together.

Next, wrap ropes with high-tensile strength around the metal frame. Loop the rope before hanging the swing from every angle of the swing, but make sure that you leave enough space for an opening.

You can hang your swinging chair from a tree, pergolas or a metal frame. We would suggest that you decorate it with pillows and blankets to make it even more comfy! If your trampoline is too big, you can also substitute out the rope with a chain. Be sure that you put the swinging chair in a secure spot and that there is enough space between your swinging chair/bed and the ground.

Find out more about this awesome DIY project for yourself in the video below!


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