Mother Celebrates 60th Birthday By Getting Life-Changing Makeover

Stephanie is a mother from Seattle, Washington who was getting ready to celebrate her 60th birthday when she decided to mark the occasion by getting a makeover. Stephanie wanted to go to the absolute best when it came time for her to get her makeover, which is why she travelled all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota so she could go to the salon of Christopher Hopkins, aka The Makeover Guy.

Christopher specializes in giving makeovers to women over the age of 45, so Stephanie knew that she was in good hands with him.

“I promised myself that if I was ever in Minneapolis I would make an appointment and come here,” she said of visiting his salon.

Christopher ended up giving Stephanie a sleek, blonde new look, and she could not have been happier with it!

“I’m very happy. You know, it just fulfilled all of my expectations,” she said afterwards, going on to add, “…Everything I wanted happened, so I just feel like a prettier version of who I am.”

When the makeover was done, Christopher and Stephanie FaceTimed her daughter, who was thrilled by her mom’s new look.

Social media users also loved Stephanie’s look once Christopher was done with her.

“The lady already looked great, so I wondered how it could have got better, but it did!!! Wow!!!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “This was amazing, in that Christopher really sees how to make the most of Steph’s best attributes. Her face just brightened and lifted.”

Check out the makeover for yourself below!


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