Mother And Teenage Daughter Make Huge Change To Their Lifestyles Together – Are Nearly Unrecognizable 100 Days Later

Cheryl Shaw is the 50 year-old single mother of two children, one of which is a 17 year-old named Tessa. Cheryl regularly works 12 hour shifts at her local ER in New Jersey, which leaves her with little time to work out.

Both Cheryl and Tessa have struggled with their weight over the years, and one day, they came upon a viral video documenting a woman’s weight loss and workout. The mother and daughter were so inspired by the video that they decided to team up and take the “Giveit100” challenge together, which meant that they vowed to spend 100 days going to the gym and eating right. When they started, Cheryl weighed 256 pounds and Tessa weighed 181 pounds, and they were both determined to make a change.

“I’m a single mom and they depend on me…I’m all they have,” Cheryl at the beginning of the video below this story said. “I’m definitely an emotional eater, and my daughter takes after me. We’re sick of looking like this, and it’s time to get the weight off and work hard.”

After 100 days, Cheryl and Tessa’s lives had changed drastically! Cheryl had lost a whopping 42 pounds while Tessa lost 32, which made this challenge a huge success for them. Cheryl said that since the video below was filmed, they have both lost even more weight: Tessa has gone from 186 to 135 pounds, while her mom has gone from 256 to 149 pounds. Their transformation is so drastic that both of them are nearly unrecognizable now!

Cheryl and Tessa would now like to inspire others that it’s never too late to turn your life around and get healthy. Watch their transformation for yourself in the video below!


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