‘Mile High Club’ – Passengers Furious When Couple Exits Airplane Bathroom Together After Making Them Wait

A video is going viral this week that shows a couple exiting a cramped airplane bathroom together as their frustrated fellow passengers look on.

While the couple was doing whatever it is they were doing in the tiny bathroom, a line of passengers who needed to use the restroom formed outside it. The footage was filmed by U.S. Olympic beach volleyball player Stafford Slick, who captioned the video, “Couldn’t believe my eyes … I’ve heard the legends, but never thought I would see it in real life.”

Slick followed this caption with a hashtag suggesting that the couple had joined the “mile high club,” which is a term for people who say they have had sex on airplanes.

Video of the incident has quickly gone viral, much to the delight of internet users everywhere.

“The look on the lady to the right after the door closes is marvelous,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “I would not want to be the first passenger in that restroom after that! That woman is brave!”

Others questioned how the couple could even both fit in an airplane bathroom.

“If two of you can fit in one of those lavatories, I want your tiny selves in my row!” one person commented, with someone else writing, “How?! How can 2 full-grown humans fit in those bathrooms! I’m screwed if I have to turn around in any fashion in those water closets.”

Some even slammed the male offender for his lack of chivalry, with one internet user saying, “The way he just burst out of there and took off, leaving her to handle the crowd.”


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