Martha Stewart Reveals Her Delicious Scrambled Eggs Trick

Martha Stewart is known for the many kitchen secrets that she has. From decorating the kitchen to actually making the food, Martha can do it all, which is why her cooking secrets are so well-received. Now, her “very fun way” of whipping up scrambled eggs is going viral, and it does not disappoint!

Believe it or not, Martha recommends using a cappuccino machine to make scrambled eggs. Yes, you read that correctly!

Martha really is not trying to confuse you with this method, as a close friend of hers says that she has been using it for years. She picked up the trick from her good friend Jody Williams, a renowned chef with multiple restaurants in New York City. The trick entails that instead of using a hot pan, the steam from a cappuccino machine’s milk frother will heat the eggs up and produce what Stewart called the “softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs.” Making this trick even better is the fact that the whole process only takes a few seconds!

Social media users have been praising Martha for the trick, defending her against those who have mocked her for it.

“There is nothing wrong to try something different with different cooking appliances,” one user commented. “Chefs have used so many different tools to cook food for the past many centuries!!”

We should mention that cappuccino machines are not cheap, as they typically cost a couple hundred dollars. However, if you want a cheaper option, you can use the  iTeknic Electric Milk Steamer, which sells for $39.98 on Amazon.

Watch Martha make her delicious scrambled egg dish in the video below!


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