Man Flips The Script On Telemarketers With Donald Duck Voice

All of us know just how annoying telemarketers are. That’s why it’s so awesome that a video is going viral this week in which an Alabama man flips the script on telemarketers by using a Donald Duck voice!

Donald Sizemore is just as sick of telemarketers interrupting his daily life as the rest of us are. He also happens to perfectly impersonate the Disney character Donald Duck. Recently, the 77 year-old decided to use this unique skill to get some revenge.

“Hewhoah? Hewwwwhoooooah, are you dhere?” Donald can be seen saying in a perfect Donald Duck voice to a clearly taken aback telemarketer. “Dhis is Dawnald Sizemoah, who are you?”

When the telemarketer says he’s being called about “litigation,” Donald says, “Ohhhh, doah, am I in tawubble?”

And the video only gets funnier from there! Thankfully, Donald’s 73 year-old wife Gayle was there to capture this exchange on camera, and it didn’t take long for the video to go viral. Gayle, who said she was serenaded with a ducky rendition of “I Love You Truly” on their 50th wedding anniversary, added that she had no idea that the video would go viral when she filmed it.

“Oh my goodness no,” Gayle said. “I posted it on my [private] Facebook and both of my daughters called me dying laughing, begging me to make it public so they could share it on their Facebook. They never dreamed of this either. They just wanted to share their funny dad with their friends.”

Check out the funny video for yourself below!


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