Man Completes Thousands Of Acts Of Kindness, Including Donating A Kidney, After Turning Down Woman Who Needed A Ride

Jon Potter is a 29 year-old handyman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is being hailed as a superhero of sorts after he completed thousands of acts of kindness for those in need.

Jon’s journey started in 2015, when a woman approached him asking for a ride to a women’s shelter and he turned her down. Jon felt so terrible about saying no afterwards that he vowed to be kinder next time a stranger in need approached him, and he’s followed through with this promise in a big way in the years since then.

While browsing the Pittsburgh Reddit forum weeks after turning the woman down, Jon saw that someone needed help installing a TV antenna, so he did it free of charge. The next day, someone posted looking for a cat sitter, and Jon immediately volunteered. From that point on, things just snowballed.

“I decided that for the next year, if anyone asks me for help, as long as it’s legal and as long as it won’t harm anyone else, I’d do it. It sounds ridiculous, but I did it,” Jon said.

After the year went by, Jon decided to keep going with his mission. Over the past four years, Jon has carried out thousands of good deeds, including helping people move, buying people groceries, and raising money for a teen in his community who was injured while stopping a hate crime. Last month, Jon performed arguably his best good deed yet when he donated a kidney to a complete stranger.

Jon, who has struggled with depression most of his life and was diagnosed with high-functioning autism last year, has described helping others as the  “missing puzzle piece” in his life. He added that pushing himself to interact with people by helping them has given him new appreciation for others and for life.

Find out more about this incredible young man in the video below.


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