Little Girl Who Says She Bought ‘Yip-Tick’ From ‘Homie Depot’ Becomes Viral Sensation

A little girl from Florida has just become a viral sensation thanks to an adorable video in which she says she bought her lipstick (which she refers to as “yip-tick”) at “Homie Depot.”

Peter Sowell took to Facebook to post a video showing a hilarious interaction that he had with his daughter, who he had caught wearing bright red lipstick. Peter begins by asking her where she got the lipstick.

“Did you do anything in the bathroom?” Peter asks the little girl, who initially denies doing anything. Finally, she admits to putting on some “yip-tick.”

“What’d you put on?” the Peter asks the girl, who replies, “Yip-tick on.”

Failing to convince her dad, the girl shifts to claiming that the lipstick was hers. When he asked her if she got permission to put the lipstick on, the toddler says she simply asked herself. Though her father keeps questioning her, the girl does not crack and continues to say the lipstick is hers. The girl even says she bought the “yip-tick” herself from “Homie Depot,” causing both her and her dad to burst out laughing.

The video has gone mega-viral since it was posted to Facebook last month, being viewed over thirteen million times. Social media users everywhere just can’t get enough of the video!

“Adorable Yes Girl!! She asked the most important person permission HERSELF!!!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “This should be Home Depot’s next ad!!’ For Sure!!!”

“Oh my god! So cute!” a third user commented.

Check out the hilarious video for yourself below!


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