‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Gives Tragic Update About His Battle With Pancreatic Cancer

Fans of “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek are praying for him this week after he announced that he will need to start getting chemotherapy again as he continues to battle Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

This comes weeks after Trebek announced that his chemotherapy treatments had been so successful that he no longer needed treatment and could go back to work. Unfortunately, however, this respite proved to be short-lived.

“I was doing so well,” Trebek said of his brief cancer remission. “And my numbers went down to the equivalent of a normal human being who does not have pancreatic cancer. So we were all very optimistic.”

Thanks to Trebek’s miraculous remission, doctors had planned to stop chemotherapy and put him into immunotherapy. Sadly, it was then that things took a devastating turn.

“I lost about 12 pounds in a week,” said Trebek, 79. “And my numbers went sky high, much higher than they were when I was first diagnosed. So, the doctors have decided that I have to undergo chemo again and that’s what I’m doing.”

Despite everything that is going on in his life right now, the longtime game show host is maintaining a positive outlook.

“I enjoy what’s going on now,” he said.“The thought of passing on doesn’t frighten me — it doesn’t. Other things do, the effect it will have on my loved ones … it makes me sad. But the thought of myself moving on — hey folks, it comes with the territory.”

Trebek also said that he has no plans to retire.

“As long as I can walk out and greet the audience and the contestants and run the game I’m happy,” he said.

Please keep Trebek in your thoughts and prayers. Find out more about his current situation in the video below.


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