Husband Declares Love For His Wife On Eight Billboards In Their Town – ‘Amy, I Love You More’

A woman from Oklahoma just got to see firsthand how much her husband loves her after he publicly declared his love for her on eight local billboards that proclaim “Amy, I love you more!”

Josh Wilson has been married to wife Amy for five years, and he recently decided to show how much he loves her by splashing the love note across eight billboards all around their hometown of Tulsa. Josh, who is the owner of Living Water Irrigation, bought the ad space to advertise the lawn sprinkler system company’s services. However, when he saw that the billboards were not really increasing his business at all, he decided to blast “Amy, I love you more!” across all of the digital billboards.

Josh even made sure that Amy knew exactly who the message was from by leaving Living Water Irrigation’s logo in the corner of the signs. He confessed that though his friends said they thought he was in the “doghouse” after seeing the billboards, the ads are just a small token of his love for his wife

“I’m not in trouble. I’m not in the doghouse,” Josh said. “I’m just in love with my wife.”

“She tolerates me and lets me build this little company and lets us have fun,” he continued. “It’s the least I could do to tell her I love her.”

Josh added that his billboard messages have quite literally raised the stakes for his Green County peers when it comes to matters of the heart.

“A lot of text messages and a lot of phone calls from friends saying, ‘Thanks a lot, buddy. Now I have to do something,’” Josh joked. “So, that’s always good. As long as I can make my wife feel good for all that she does for me and my family, it was a joy to do so.”

Josh added that the billboard will soon change to reflect affections for another beloved member of the Wilson family: the family’s dogs.


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