Homeowner Hears ‘Suspicious Noises’ – It Ends Up Being A Cat Burglar…Literally

Police officers in Collier County, Florida responded to a call from a homeowner who had heard “suspicious noises,” and when they got to the house, they found a very unusual suspect.

Officers were shocked when they got to the house only to find that the source of the noise was a cat whose name is Bones! The cops were able to identify Bones using a microchip, and he was “detained” by police before being remanded to his human. Police recounted the incident on Facebook in a post that has since gone viral.

“Last night Sgt. Sudano, Cpl. Caceres, Cpl. Nova and Cpl. Henderson responded to a residence on 60th Avenue N.E. in reference to a suspicious incident that was possibly a burglary in progress,” the Collier County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the post. “Upon arrival it was discovered that a small feline was the culprit behind the disturbing sounds that prompted the call. The ‘cat burglar’ was quickly detained and turned over to Collier County Domestic Animal Services for safekeeping and fur-ther questioning.”

“Great news! Our cat burglar was micro-chipped,” they later added in an update. “He has been identified as Bones and our partners at D.A.S. are in the process of contacting his owner!”

It looks like Bones just learned the hard way that in Florida, no cat is above the law. At this time, he has not been charged with any felineys, and we hope that he has learned his lesson. We’re just glad that Bones is now back with his owners, where he belongs.


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