Here Are Seven Ridiculous Dating Etiquette Rules From The 1950s

The 1950s was a very different time, and the rules of etiquette were completely different. It’s fun to look back and see how differently society was back in the day. Here’s seven of the most ridiculous dating etiquette rules from the 1950s that we could find!

Making the first move

Back then, guys were the only ones allowed to make the first move. It was said that only “floozies” ask guys out on a date first.

Be on time

Women should never be late for a date, and when the man arrives, the woman should be ready to go. Today, both genders should always be on time for their dates.

Meet the parents

Back in the 1950s, girls were expected to introduce all their dates to their parents. Today, meeting the parents is a big step that typically happens later on in a relationship.

Who pays?

The men always pay for the date, of course! If a woman tried to pay in the 1950s, it would be humiliating for the man. Today, however, many couples split the check because dining out is so expensive.

Ring the bell

People could not send an “I’m here” text back in the 1950s. Instead, when a man would arrive to pick up his date, he was to go to the front door of her house to call for her. Honking the car horn in the driveway was considered to be very rude.

Open the door

Men were supposed to open the door for ladies, and that still rings true to this day.

No kissing

Kissing was expressly forbidden on the first date. That certainly does not seem to be true among millennials anymore!


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