Heavy Metal Rock Star Brian Welch Opens Up About Finding Christianity After Drug Addiction

Rock star Brian Welch just opened up in a new interview about how he found God after years of drug addiction, during which he often mocked Christianity.

While Brian is well known for playing guitar in the heavy metal rock band Korn, many don’t know that he left that world behind in 2005 when he became a born again Christian. After handing his life over to God, Brian was able to overcome drug addiction. He had been using meth and other drugs to mask his inner pain for years, and after going to rehab many times, he found himself contemplating suicide.

During this period of his life, Brian was also obsessed with money, and he was constantly looking for ways to obtain more wealth for himself. That’s how he ended up teaming up with a group of realtors for a real estate deal, and he was stunned to soon learn that all of the realtors were devout Christians. When they noticed the state of Brian’s life, the Christian realtors decided to speak to him.

“They ended up just talking to me and they invited me to go to church one day,” Brian said.

At first, Brian just wanted to surround himself with sober people for a change, but he was then shocked when his life changed forever.

“I went home and I started praying to God like I had been a Christian for 20 years. I was desperate,” he recalled.

Though Brian continues to tour with Korn, he also uses his unique opportunities and wide audience to spread the word of God. Find out more about how God changed Brian’s life in the video below.


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