Girl With Brain Tumor Begs Public For Help Finding Her Lost Service Dog

Cicely Corsetti is a 7 year-old girl from Oregon who sadly has had to deal with far more than most children her age have. Earlier this year, Cicely was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and while this was hard for her, she has been determined not to let it hold her back in life.

After multiple operations, Cicely’s tumor was finally gone, and doctors don’t think her cancer will be coming back anytime soon.

Though her parents were always there for her through this journey, Cicely was also supported by her 10-year-old pug/beagle mix named Ollie, who was her support dog through her treatments. When Cicely was told her cancer was gone, her parents took her to Hawaii to celebrate, and they left Ollie in the care of a close friend.

Unfortunately, Ollie became skittish because he was not used to the friend’s home, and he was able to escape the home and run away.

Ollie is microchipped and can be seen in the photo below. Cicely has gone public to beg for help in finding the dog she loves.

“My heart would fix-up,” she said. “It wouldn’t be broken anymore, and I would hug Ollie and I would be so happy.”

After all that Cicely has been through, this is the last thing that she needs right now. She’s already been through so much in her short life, and she does not deserve this. Please keep both Cicely and Ollie in your thoughts and prayers, and please spread the word about their situation so that they can be reunited.


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