Farmer Sees Unwanted Calf With Fifth Leg On Her Head – Bids On Her When Nobody Else Will

Matt Alexander and his fiancée Maghin have long kept a herd of cows at their farm in Hathaway, Louisiana. That’s why Matt recently went to a livestock show to see if there were any calves he could add to his pasture.

Hours before the auction was scheduled to take place, a very unique Black Angus calf was born at a nearby barn, separated from her mother, and brought straight to the event to be sold. The baby calf, who was named Elsie, absorbed her twin in utero. This left her with five legs and three ears, and her extra leg is actually positioned atop her head.

Matt fell in love with Elsie immediately despite her rare condition and unconventional appearance. He took some pictures of her and sent them to Maghin, who told him to start bidding right away.

Though newborn calf biddings typically start at $100, Elsie’s started at $50 because of her fifth leg. When nobody wanted Elsie, that price began to drop lower and lower.

Matt knew that without the proper care, Elsie would not survive much longer, especially without her mother by her side.

“I figured nobody’s going to want it, the barn’s going to get it and it’s probably going to die,” Matt said. He went on to point out that most of the people bidding were looking for livestock that they could live off of themselves, not animals they would have to take care of.

Find out what happened to Elsie AND her mother in the video below!


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