Epic French Marathon Involves 23 Wines To Taste

If you love food, wine, and running, we have a marathon that you are sure to love.

The annual Marathon du Médoc is a 26.2-mile race that takes place in Bordeaux, France every September, but it is no ordinary marathon. This race involves 23 different wines available for participants to taste as they make their way through the course. The marathon’s route takes runners through vineyards and past chateaux, giving them time to sample cheese, ice cream, and oysters as they race through all 26 miles. While no runner has ever died on the course, one reporter acknowledged that there was quite a lot of vomiting.

The race takes around six-and-a-half hours, and those participating in it are encouraged to take their time on the course. On top of that, all participants are supposed to show up in costume, making it even more fun!

This year’s race is scheduled for September 7, and though it is too late to enter, it’s always fun to stand on the sidelines and watch. If you enjoy it or are interested, you can always sign up next year! It costs $98 (€88) to enter and is limited to 8,500 participants, with the only requirement being that they are born after September 7, 1999.

It’s always fun to see such a unique take on a heavily athletic event like a marathon. While marathons are typically thought of as physically demanding, there’s no reason not to put a fun spin on them! Check out some scenes from the Marathon du Médoc for yourself in the video below.


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