Elderly Woman Finds Painting Hanging Above Oven In Her Kitchen – Learns It’s Actually Worth $6.1M

An elderly French woman was just stunned to learn that the painting hanging above the oven in her kitchen was actually a Renaissance masterpiece that is worth over six million dollars.

The painting is called “Christ Mocked” by Florentine master Cimabue, and it was kept in the woman’s home in the northern French town of Compiegne before she decided to get it valued. Old Masters specialists Turquin explained that the painting has been hanging between the woman’s kitchen and living room for years.

The elderly woman had assumed that the painting was just an old religious relic, so she was completely shocked when local auctioneers told her it was worth millions. Experts believe that the painting was part of a large diptych dating from 1280 when Cimabue, who taught Giotto, painted eight scenes that showed Christ’s passion and crucifixion.

Two other scenes from this particular work can be found hanging in the National Gallery in London. The scenes hanging there were also lost for hundreds of years, and they were only found when a British aristocrat was clearing his ancestral seat in Suffolk. They were donated to the United Kingdom in 2000.

Early Renaissance Art was heavily influenced by Byzantine art, which continues to be produced in a similar style today on a background of gold paint. Art expert Eric Turquin said that tests using infrared light found that there was “no disputing that the painting was done by the same hand” as other known works by Cimabue.

The painting found in the elderly woman’s home is now set to go under the hammer.


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