Elderly Couple Is Scammed Out Of Thousands By Fake AirBNB Rental

An elderly couple was just scammed out of thousands of dollars by an AirBNB rental that turned out to be fake.

Ian and Denise Feltham are a British couple who recently decided to take a vacation to Ibiza. When it came time to find accommodations, the couple booked a “VIP penthouse,” which promised to include a hot tub, super-king-sized bed, a Turkish bath and a private elevator. It was only when they got to the complex in Las Boas that the couple was told that there was no VIP penthouse at the location.

“A gentleman who lived in the building said they get tourists turning up all the time and that it’s a very big problem,” claimed Ian, 75.

Ian and Denise allege that the rental had multiple positive reviews on AirBNB, with an average score of 4-out-of-5 stars. The couple said that while their initial communications with the alleged host of the property were good, they stopped hearing anything back from the person three weeks before their trip.

Though the couple became concerned when they stopped hearing back from the host, AirBNB would not offer a refund unless the couple arrived on sight and weren’t able to get into the property.

“Our handling of this issue fell below our usual high standards and we have reached out to the guest to apologize and refund them in full,” AirBNB said in a statement. “We have suspended the listing while we investigate and are continuing to work with the guest to make things right.”

When they learned that the property they booked was non-existent, the Felthams said that the closest pet-friendly hotel they could find was 40 minutes away and cost an additional $245 a night. They have decided to go public with their story in the hopes that others will be more cautious when it comes to booking AirBNB rentals.


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