Denmark Purchases Nation’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants For $1.6 Million So They Could Retire

The government of Denmark just did something truly amazing when they bought the country’s last remaining circus elephants so they can live out the rest of their lives in peaceful retirement.

In anticipation of Denmark passing a ban on wild circus animals later this year, the country spent 11 million kroner ($1.6 million) for the elephants. Named Ramboline, Lara, Djunga, and Jenny, the four elephants were bought from two different circuses. While the government does not yet know where the elephants will be living permanently, Animal Protection Denmark has agreed to look after them until they find a forever home.

This comes four months after the United Kingdom passed a ban on wild animals being used for circus performances. One month later, a German circus made headlines when it became the first circus in the world to use holographic animals in their show.

The United States is inching closer to passing a similar ban on circus animals. Last December, New Jersey and Hawaii became the first states to issue legislation against the notoriously inhumane practice. Though there is already 145 American localities that offer certain limitations and restrictions on animal performances, the sweeping measures passed by New Jersey and Hawaii takes this even further by banning the use of any wild animal species, including elephants, tigers, lions, bears, and primates, in circuses and traveling shows.

Animals have been mistreated in circuses for far too long, and it’s time for this to end everywhere in the world. Find out more about banning animals from circuses in the video below.


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