Commentator Has Powerful Message When Dog Interrupts Soccer Game

During a soccer game between Deste and Capivariano in Brazil, a dog ran out onto the field, and what happened next was adorable.

As soon as the dog ran out, the players stopped the game so that they could get the canine off the field, but the dog was so cute that they could not help but get some pats and cuddles in before they took him away.

As the players dealt with the dog, a Brazilian commentator took the opportunity to spread an uplifting message about love and kindness. The message is in Portuguese, but a translation can be found below. The video itself is still worth watching, just to see the dog and how the players react to him.

“It’s not just the players who wanna show talent here, the dog is also a part of the show!” the soccer announcer said. “Be kind to animals… to dogs. It’s the least we human beings can do to give back for all that they give us.”

The words have stuck with dog lovers all over the world. Dogs love humans unconditionally, so it’s only natural that we give them the same love back in return. We should always make sure to show dogs, and other humans, all the love that we can.

Check out the video for yourself below.


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