Child Brings Mother’s KY Jelly To School In Hilarious Mix-Up

September is finally here, which means that millions of children are heading back to school, giving parents everywhere some much needed relief after a long summer. However, one North Carolina mom just learned the hard way that just because kids are back in school, it doesn’t mean parents are totally free from their shenanigans.

Tiara Young is the mother to three daughters who are 10, 7, and 5 years old. During one hectic morning, her 5 year-old daughter Zoi asked if she could pack some hand lotion in her backpack for school. Tiara replied by telling the child to grab the travel-sized lotion she has in her bedside table. In the hectic morning rush, Tiara had forgotten that there were lots of other things in her bedside table as well, as she also keeps some “intimate” items there.

Tiara managed to get through the morning and send her three kids off to school. Hours later, however, she got a call from Zoi’s teacher that she was not expecting,

“She asked did I know what [Zoi] used to put on her legs,” Tiara wrote in a viral Facebook post. “I told her yeah, it’s Jergen’s lotion … ”

“This ain’t no lotion, ma’am,” the teacher told her, much to her surprise.

Tiara made her way to the school wondering what Zoi could possibly have put on her legs.

“I gets to the d— school and see her all shiny, so I’m thinking to myself why TF did she take the baby oil?” she said, but it was not baby oil. It was then that the teacher “pulled out what my daughter was putting on her legs. And it was some d— KY.”

That’s right, it was KY jelly! Needless to say, Tiara was incredibly embarrassed.

“If anybody and I mean anybody wants a child … ” Tiara concluded in her post, followed by some angry emojis. Tiara’s post has quickly gone viral, making people laugh all over the world.

“I wanted my friends to see how my daughter couldn’t wait to embarrass me,” Tiara said afterwards.


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