British Woman Goes Viral With Simple Cleaning Hack To Clean Pandora Bracelet

A woman has just sparked a cleaning frenzy online after she revealed her simple trick that lifted the grime off her Pandora bracelet.

Anne-Marie Norman of London, United Kingdom was overjoyed when her hack caused the dirt to fall off her beloved Pandora bracelet, which featured delicate silver charms. All she did was take hot water straight from the kettle, add a squirt of washing liquid, and soak the bracelet for five minutes.

Anne-Marie said that she wanted to give her bracelet a bit of a polish and used hot water and washing liquid in order to clean it.

“The c*** that has come off is crazy,” she wrote. “All that black is off my charms.”

Anne-Marie shared a photo of her bracelet soaking in the soapy water, and internet users were stunned to see the dirt literally falling off of it.

“I definitely need to do this, what do you do?” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Doing it right now.”

“Always clean my jewelry like this have done for about 20 years,” a third user wrote. “If you got an old toothbrush it’s great for rings with gemstones in and brings them up lovely.”

Other internet users ranted about the state of their own jewelry items.

“Mine are disgusting. Any tips would be great,” one person wrote, with another writing, “Could I clean my silver engagement ring like this?”

“Hopefully this works for rings!” another internet user commented. “Mine has went all tarnished it looks awful.”


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