Baby Archie Looks Exactly Like Prince Harry In New Photos

New photos of baby Archie Harrison show how strong the royal genes are, as he looks exactly like his father, Prince Harry!

Harry’s wife Meghan Markle gave birth to Archie on May 6, and since then, we have only gotten small glimpses of him in the months since then. It’s a welcome surprise this week when we got a better look at him as Harry and Meghan took him along on his first royal tour to Cape Town, South Africa.

In the latest photos that have been released, many have noticed that he is the spitting image of Harry. The two of them have the same button nose, chubby cheeks, and light red hair. It’s clear that Archie has inherited the ginger genes, so it looks like we have another red-headed royal on our hands!

In photos where Harry and Archie are wearing similar outfits, their resemblance is even more clear. It also becomes clear that Meghan is a hands-on mother, much like Harry’s mom Princess Diana was.

It’s possible that when Archie gets older, he will start to look more like his mother, but right now, it can’t be denied that he looks more like his dad.

Just look at the bright smiles Harry and Archie have! We can’t wait to see how much more the two look alike in the years to come.

Find out more about their South Africa tour in the video below.


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