Acid Attack Survivor Makes History As First British Citizen To Have Eyesight Restored

James O’Brien was only 18 years-old when he was the victim in an acid attack that involved ammonia being sprayed in his face, leaving him blind in his right eye. Now, 24 years later, James has made history by becoming the first citizen of the United Kingdom to undergo a pioneering new treatment that has repaired the vision in his eye.

Doctors at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital were able to perform a surgery in which they used stem cells to replace the scar tissue in James’ eye. It took decades to come up with the treatment, but it was a huge success for James. One year later, James can finally see his wife’s face with both of his eyes.

After the success of James’ surgery, doctors are hoping that the surgery can be used to restore the sight of other acid attack survivors as well.

Social media users have been expressing their excitement at just how successful this groundbreaking surgery was.

“A huge thanks to the people pioneering stem cell research, and to the doctors who treated him,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Wow, British medical technology is great.”

Others expressed their sympathies that James ever had to be the victim of an acid attack in the first place.

“This is the most disgraceful of crimes. You should not let people who do this out of jail,” one person commented, with another writing, “Wow absolutely amazing I am glad he got his sight back. I am very happy for him . The monster who did this horrific crime should be locked up indefinitely. Leave the monster in prison and put a hot iron mask on his face.”

Find out more in the video below.


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