99 Year-Old Woman In Hospice Gets Adorable Dream Outing With Her Best Friends

Agnes “Mickey” Santillo is a 99 year-old woman who has been in hospice care since May. Recently, when her caregivers learned that Mickey had just one simple request of what she wanted to do, they went above and beyond to make it happen for her.

Mickey spent forty years living on her own in a second story condo, and all was going well for her until she suffered a fall in May that she was unable to recover from. Between this fall and her congestive heart failure, it became necessary to put Mickey in hospice.

The caregivers fell in love with Mickey right away, describing her as a “bright, bubbly person.” Michael Richardson, her music therapist, decided that he wanted to grant a wish for Mickey, telling her that he would make whatever she wanted happen. All Mickey wanted was a simple limo ride to her favorite restaurant with some of her friends, which was easy to make happen!

The restaurant that Mickey chose to go to was not even fancy, as it was just a local Mexican place!


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Photos by @lyndamgonzalez | At age 99, Agnes “Mickey” Santillo had a simple wish — to go on a chauffeured ride to her favorite restaurant, @elfenixmexican, with her friends. Santillo has been living in hospice care since May after she suffered a fall in her second-floor condo in northeast Dallas. Going up and down the stairs at her complex became impossible. But she has kept her spirits up. And on Monday her request became possible. Three Dallas-Fire Rescue first responders helped Santillo down the stairs at her building and Four Seasons Limo donated two hours to help make her wish come true. Three of her friends joined her, where they discussed everything from their favorite El Fenix items to the Rangers. “I never thought anything like this would happen to me,” Santillo said. “This little old country girl from Yoakum, Texas, getting all this attention.”

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Mickey and her friends had an absolute blast. They sat at a special table that had been decorated with floral centerpieces just for them, and they ordered their favorite dishes.

“I never thought anything like this would happen to me,” Mickey said. “This little old country girl from Yoakum, Texas, getting all this attention.”

While Mickey said there is “no crystal ball,” she acknowledged that it’s likely that this will be the last time she leaves her apartment, as her health is fading. However, she does not have time for any negativity, and is instead focused on enjoying the time she has left. Keep on living your best life, Mickey!

Find out more about Mickey’s perfect day in the video below.


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