85 Year-Old Pole Vaulter Shows World That Age Is Just A Number By Breaking Records

Flo Filion Meiler is an 85 year-old woman who is showing the world that age is just a number by competing in various track and field events. One of her favorite events to compete in is pole vaulting, which caught her interest when she retired at the age of 65.

“I did see some ladies doing the pole vault. And they weren’t going very high. And I said to myself, ‘Wow, that looks like it could be very challenging. I want to try that,’” said Flo, who trains five or six times a week.

Flo competes in other events as well, including high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, hammer, weight throw, javelin and discus. Though she lives in Vermont, Flo travels all over the world to compete. Last year, she even won five gold medals and a pair of silver medals at the World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor in Poland. She even set a record in the 4X200 relay!

“Our 80-year-old group zapped the other record by more than a minute,” she said.

Flo added that her husband Gene is one of her biggest cheerleaders, and that he loves documenting her accomplishments.

“He is so proud of me,” she said. “He has put together over 14 albums for me and he keeps track on how many records I do, how many medals I have.”

“She does everything. I mean it’s incredible,” Gene added.

God bless Flo for showing the world that you’re never too old to make your athletic dreams come true! Find out more about this incredible woman in the video below.


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