4 Sisters Raise $1,200 Through Their Own Bracelet Business To Help Parents Adopt Their Future Sibling

Sidney and Leighton Tate are the parents of four adorable daughters, and though many would say that their family was complete, the couple could not shake the desire to adopt a child in need. When their four little girls heard about this, they went above and beyond to make sure it would happen.

11-year-olds Susanna and Mary Anson, 7-year-old Eleanor, and 4-year-old Evelyn were so excited about the prospect of their parents adopting another sibling for them that they wanted them to do it right away. Explaining to the girls that adoption is expensive, Leighton told them, “I’ll make you a deal: The initial payment is $4,000 to start the adoption, and you girls can help us get that together.”

Sidney and Leighton assumed that nothing would come of this, but then their daughters came up with an ingenious idea.

The sisters started a business called “Bracelets for a Baby,” where they sold custom-made bracelets and anklets. They initially worked out of their church, but then they realized they could set up a “storefront” (which looks like a lemonade stand) in front of their mom’s salon. Their new location brought them tons of business, and things quickly took off for them. They even got some help from their aunt and grandmother, who were both touched by the passion the girls were showing.

“It really shows how big of hearts they have,” their aunt Allison said.

Since starting their business, the sisters have raised over $1,200 to go towards adoption fees, and their parents have been blown away by their determination and work ethic. While there is no word yet about when the family will begin the official adoption process, Mary Anson said that she already can’t wait to tell her new sibling about the role she played in their adoption.

Watch the video below to learn more.


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