You Can Now Travel Through The Canadian Rockies In A Glass-Domed Train

You can now enjoy Canada’s beautiful mountain ranges like never before by traveling through the Rockies in a glass-domed train.

Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service is offering the public the chance to have the experience of a lifetime by traveling through the Rockies underneath the train’s glass dome. As you take in the gorgeous scenery, you can also enjoy gourmet meals, wine and cheese, snacks and complimentary beverages, including alcohol. The train even has an outdoor viewing platform so you can take in the fresh Canadian air!

If you get hungry, you can dine on the lower level in a five-star restaurant with meals made by the service’s executive chefs. We can assure you that this food will not disappoint!

A couple of different routes are offered by Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf trains. These routes include a two-day, one-night journey between Vancouver and Lake Louise or Banff and a four-day, three-night trip between Jasper and Vancouver. You can also get deals on hotels through Rocky Mountaineer!

The company released a statement saying that it’s fleet added four new rail cars to its 2019 routes, with three additional ones coming in 2020.

“These new GoldLeaf rail cars will allow us to welcome even more guests on board our trains and offer increased availability across our most popular dates and routes,” said Steve Sammut, president and chief executive officer of Rocky Mountaineer.

The new trains will feature dimmable domed windows to moderate the intensity of incoming sunlight as well as redesigned galley kitchens and custom-designed seats that recline and are heated. Find out more about these incredible trains in the video below!


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