Woman Launches Search For Good Samaritans Who Found Her Abandoned In A Dumpster As A Baby

Decades after she was found abandoned in a dumpster as a baby, Amanda Jones is trying to find the people who saved her.

Amanda was just an infant when she was found wrapped in a blanket in a dumpster near a mall in Atlanta, Georgia back in 1983. Now, 36 years later, she wants to find the people who saved her so she can thank them in person.

Amanda took to Facebook in the hopes of the people who found her recognizing her story.

“Hi! My name is Amanda Jones, I am trying to find the person/people who potentially saved my life,” she wrote. “I was abandoned as an infant at the Prado Business Mall at 56000 Roswell Road in January of 1983. If you have any information, please contact me at [email protected] or on FaceBook. Thank You!!!”

After she was found, Amanda was put into foster care until she was eventually adopted. She’s had a hard time getting records from the time of her birth and therefore only knows bits and pieces of her own story. Amanda has previously reached out to a DNA testing service to identify several of her biological family members, including her birth parents.

“I still forgive them and hope someday that they reach out to me and heal from all the secrets and pain,” Amanda said. “I cannot imagine how carrying a 36-year-old big secret affects someone mentally and physically.”

Amanda’s ultimate goal is to find the people who found her in the dumpster and got her to safety.

“I want to thank whoever found me because they changed so many lives by being in the right place at the right time,” she said.


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