Woman Goes Viral For Calling Out Sister For Fake ‘Hiking’ Photos On Instagram

A young woman just learned the hard way that lying is never a good idea after her own sister called her out in front of the entire internet.

It all started when Casey Sosnowski took to Instagram to post a photo of herself before a hike at Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail in Florida. In the photo, Casey can be seen dressed in athletic clothing and holding a water bottle as she poses in front of what looks like a trail. The only problem was that the whole scene was a lie, as Casey was actually just in her backyard!

“Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems,” Casey wrote in the caption, adding the hashtag “nature lovers.”

Casey’s sister Carly was not about to let her get away with this lie, so she posted a screenshot of her Instagram photo to Twitter.

“My sister said she was going hiking…..this is our backyard,” she wrote alongside it.

The tweet has quickly gone viral, garnering almost 300K likes and over 40K retweets. Social media users everywhere have been laughing hysterically at what happened.

Casey eventually responded by saying she felt “personally attacked” by Carly. She then came clean on Instagram, writing, “Did I go hiking? No. Is this my backyard?… Maybe.”


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Did I go hiking? No. Is this my backyard?…… Maybe😉

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This should serve as a reminder to young people everywhere that lying online really doesn’t pay off in the long run, so think twice before you do it! You do not want to go viral for all the wrong reasons like Casey did.


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