UPS Driver Hilariously Trolls Mom Who Asked Him To ‘Hide’ Packages From Her Husband

Amazon Prime has completely taken over the world, making it more convenient to shop without leaving the house than ever before. While Amazon Prime is certainly convenient, it also makes it easier to overspend and buy more items than you otherwise would. That’s exactly what Alexis Thomas, a military wife and mother of four living in Tokyo, Japan, recently did. Once she realized what she’d done, Alexis went above and beyond to ensure her husband would not find out how much she spent.

“Once the packages started coming in, my husband joked that I was out of control,” Alexis said.

Making matters worse was the fact that Alexis and her family were staying in the U.S. with her mother-in-law at the time, which made the flow of packages even more obvious. Just when she was starting to panic, however, Alexis came up with an idea.

“His mom lives way out in the country,” she explained. “So the majority of our Amazon packages were delivered UPS.”

Alexis quickly remembered that you can update UPS orders to include notes for the delivery driver.

“I updated my account to [ask to] hide them from my husband!” she recalled.

The only problem with this is that it’s impossible to hide a giant package like this one!

Since Alexis had ordered a mini-fridge, the UPS driver had no way to adequately hide it. That’s why he decided to troll her in the most hilarious way possible.

When Alexis saw the package at her mother-in-law’s front-door, she could not help but burst out laughing.

“Oh my gosh, I had forgotten that I even ordered the damn thing!” she said. “When I got an email with proof of delivery, I was like ‘Oh OK.’ So I walk out to the front door and was so dumbfounded at first. Then I saw the note and I was uncontrollably laughing.”

Alexis admits that she uses Amazon a ton.

“My husband just got back from a yearlong tour overseas,” she said. “And I gave birth in December to a VERY colicky baby, so my online shopping was so crazy.”

Since posting about what happened on Facebook, Alexis has completely gone viral, much to her surprise!

“It was so crazy watching the shares go up!” she said. “I really wasn’t expecting it at all!”


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