Tommy Lee And Emeril Lagasse Get Into Bizarre Twitter Feud Over The Latter’s Restaurant Dress Code

A strange feud just erupted on Twitter between rocker Tommy Lee and chef Emeril Lagasse, and it’s safe to say that nobody saw it coming.

It all started when Lee took to Twitter to say that he left his meal at Lagasse’s New Orleans restaurant Delmonico over a tiff about the dress code there. Tweeting directly at Lagasse, Lee wrote, “Hey Emeril, I just was at your restaurant in New Orleans and was aggressively asked to leave because I was upset about removing my hat. I removed it and they still came up to the table and gave me a hard time. Wtf dude????”

When someone chastised Lee for not removing his hat in the restaurant, he responded, “Is it 1926???”

Lee and wife Brittany Furlan later explained that another reason that he had an problem with restaurant staff is because he swore, though they claimed that he only swore under his breath when taking off his hat.

“This guy comes up to our table—we have no problem, the hat’s off everything’s cool—and is like, ‘Excuse me, I heard you use profanity,'” Furlan said.

Delmonico representatives responded with a statement of their own, saying that Lee chose to leave after a hostess asked him to remove his hat and to watch his language.

“Tommy Lee was kindly asked by our hostess to remove his hat after being brought to his table at Emeril’s Delmonico,” the restaurant statement stated. “Tommy became aggravated, voicing his dissatisfaction with our policy and chose to leave after being asked by management to curb his profanity out of respect of our staff and guests.”

Finally, Lagasse himself responded on Twitter.

“Hey Tommy Lee, Delmonico dress code is getting as much attention as Popeyes Chicken spicy chicken sandwich. #chickensandwichwars#dresscodewars,” he wrote.

The very next day, Lagasse even tried one of the chicken sandwiches from Popeyes.


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