Susan Boyle Opens Up About Her Mental Breakdown And Her Recovery From It

Susan Boyle just gave a new interview in which she said she is feeling better now after struggling with her mental health for years after losing “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009.

Even though the 58 year-old singer was loved by audiences, she lost to the dance group Diversity, which caused her to have a mental breakdown from the public humiliation. However, Susan told Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show this week that she’s doing well now.

“You’ve said before that life before Britain’s Got Talent was a bit dark, I know your mum had died and things were really hard, and it’s almost like going from black and white to color,” Lorraine said.

“It’s a bit like that. Somebody up there made me do it – I’d never have done it in the first place,” Susan explained. “I feel a lot better now, thank you. I’ve had my moments when I’ve needed help, and I’ve reached out and got the help I needed, and I can only thank them for my recovery.”

“You’ve got a good team round about you though, that’s important,” Lorraine pointed out.

“I’ve got a brilliant team,” Susan said. “I’ve got a great vocal coach, a great PA. My publicist, she’s fantastic. I love them.”

Susan went on to reveal that her mental health issues nearly caused her to quit “Britain’s Got Talent.”

“I was all set to quit the show. You’ve got a lot of pressure and a lot of different things going at once. It is difficult,” she said.

Susan was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism, in 2013. This diagnosis came as a huge relief to her because for years she thought she had “quite serious brain damage”.

“[With] Asperger’s you just have to make people aware that sometimes you have to go at a certain pace, don’t be too bombarded with things. At the very beginning I was too bombarded,” she added. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody has something. I mean, a flaw, if you like. But you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It’s something that you bring out in the open in the hope that you help other people. I like to feel I’m the voice for people who have been the underdog, and I wanted to try and prove myself.”

Watch the interview in the video below.


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