Steve Harvey Breaks Down In Tears While Gospel Singer Prophesies Over Him

Talk show host Steve Harvey is known for being one of the funniest guys on television. That’s why it came as a surprise to many when he showed his serious Christian side on a recent episode of his show. Steve ended up breaking down in tears as gospel singer Duranice Pace shared a special message about God on his variety show “Steve.”

Duranice has been through a lot in her life, as she was abused as a child and even given rat poison that damaged her voice. Even after going through these horrific things, Duranice is still a firm believer in God and feels closer to Him than ever. On Steve’s show, Duranice shared the story of how God healed her vocal cords.

“I believe the Lord gave me a touch when they fed me rat poison in Rochester, New York, and they had to cut out half of my vocal cords,” she said. “And they said I would never talk again, but the man upstairs said, ‘You gonna sing again.'”

At one point, Duranice was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and told that she only had three days to live, but God healed her once again.

“March 28 made that 11 years ago,” Duranice said, adding that she thinks God spared her life for a reason.

Steve was barely able to keep his composure as Duranice told her story, but when she sang the reason she was on his show, he could not help but burst into tears.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be alive but God done kept me alive to see you, sir,” she told him.

Duranice proceeded to sing a prophecy over Steve.

“This is Steve Harvey, he’s a good man. He loves the Lord and he’ll give you a helping hand. God’s going to bless Steve Harvey,” she sang. “Keep on, keep on, you helped me to live, sir, keep on … you special.”

As Steve cried, he opened up about the final moments he had with his mother, a devout Christian who died in 1997.

“I just hope she’s seeing today, watching this moment right here,” Steve told Duranice. “The only reason I straightened up and started doing right was ’cause I just wanna see her. Other than that, I’d still be going to Hell like I was.”

“You think I’m helping you, but you really helping me. I thank you because this was for me,” Steve added.

Check out the powerful moment for yourself below.


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