Simone Biles Makes History As First Gymnast To Land Double-Double Dismount

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles just made history by becoming the first person ever to both attempt and complete a double twisting, double somersault dismount on the balance beam.

Though she had a shaky start during the first night of the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Simone finished strong and shocked everyone by successfully completing the move.

“I’m really happy with the beam dismount and how it’s come along, because if you had asked me after [U.S. Classic] if I was going to compete it, I would’ve said no,” she said. “I feel like in those short two weeks we did a lot of work on a couple of the events, so I’m pretty excited with how it turned out.”

The move will now reportedly be named after the 22 year-old gymnast when she performs the maneuver during an international competition. This will be the third skill named after Simone, who is also a four-time Olympic and 14-time world champion. Simone went on to win the entire title, which was her sixth U.S. Gymnastics Championships win.

“I feel I haven’t been as confident on bars this year as I was last year,” she said afterwards. “To finally do a good routine like I can do it, I was really happy. I was very happy and the last event, so I was like, ‘Thank God we’re done.'”

Social media users have been praising Simone for her unforgettable performance.

“This is where Simone really is setting herself apart from the rest of the pack. She’s continuing to grow and innovate in the sport. Everyone else, however good they are, are still chasing her,” one user commented, with another adding, “This was just incredible !!! Soo exciting to watch ! Thank you for inspiring every gymnast in the world to always push harder and never give up . You are the G.O.A.T !!! Congrats.”

Check out the moment for yourself below.


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