Richard Williams, Animator Of ‘Roger Rabbit’ Passes Away At 86

Richard Williams, who was best known for being the animator behind The Pink Panther and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, just passed away at the age of 86. The news was just confirmed by his family in a brief statement.

“The 86-year-old triple Oscar and triple Bafta winner, who was born in Toronto, Canada, and moved to Britain in the 1950s, died at his home in Bristol on Friday,” they said.

Williams’ daughter Natasha Sutton Williams added that though he was suffering from cancer, he  “was still animating and writing till the day he died.”

Born in 1933 in Toronto, Williams had always said that seeing the film Snow White at the age of five left a major impression on him.

“I always wanted, when I was a kid, to get to Disney. I was a clever little fellow so I took my drawings and I eventually got in,” Williams said in 2008. “They did a story on me, and I was in there for two days, which you can imagine what it was like for a kid.”

His first movie The Little Island was released in 1958 and won a BAFTA, the British version of the Oscars. Williams won his first Oscar in 1971 for his animated adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. He later won two more Oscars in 1988 for Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, a beloved film that combines both life action and animation. Williams was most recently nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for the animated short film Prologue.

Find out more about this incredible man in the video below.


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