Rare Albino Hummingbird Is Captured On Camera In Alabama Backyard

A rare albino hummingbird was just caught on camera in an Alabama backyard, and the video of the animal is quickly going viral.

The hummingbird appeared at a backyard bird feeder near Cordova, a town in north-central Alabama. Local meteorologist James Spann shared the video on social media after it was sent to him by viewer Deborah Aldridge. The video shows the white hummingbird flying around the feeder with other birds, grabbing sips when it can like any other bird would do.

Albino birds are not able to produce any melanin, which means their feathers have no color and their eyes are pink or red. Experts have weighed in to say that this bird really is albino, which makes this an extremely rare sighting.

This comes one month after a woman in Ontario, Canada came upon two albino raccoons. Jessica Fontaine was walking her dog with her boyfriend when they saw two light-colored animals on a home’s porch. Jessica initially thought the animals were cats, but when she noticed some typically colored raccoons nearby, she realized she was looking at two “blonde” raccoons.

“They were pretty cute,” Jessica said. “They did see me. They looked at me. But then they just kind of went about their business.”

In British Columbia, Canada, photographer Mike Yip saw two white ravens earlier this summer.

“We are getting one or two white ravens each year on and off for about 20 years,” he said of the rare birds.,

Check out the albino hummingbird in Alabama in the video below.


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