Princess Charlotte Playfully Sticks Her Tongue Out At Crowd As Kate Middleton Laughs Hysterically

An adorable royal moment is going viral this week, making people smile all over the world.

While attending the King’s Club Regatta earlier this week, 4 year-old Princess Charlotte was photographed playfully sticking her tongue out as her mother Kate Middleton laughed. Charlotte had come over to the window to look out at the crowd with her mother, but instead of her usual smile and wave, Charlotte shocked everyone by sticking her tongue out!

This is a prime example of why so many people have commented on how charming Charlotte is. Instead of chastising her daughter for making this move, Kate could not help but laugh at how cheeky the little girl was. Many were surprised that Kate wore shorts to the event, as this is typically against royal protocol.

At the event, Kate and her husband Prince William were skippers on competing boats on the Isle of Wight in England. Charlotte and her older brother Prince George had a blast cheering on their parents as they competed. While their little brother Prince Louis did attend the event, he was not seen publicly. William’s boat ended up coming in third out of eight, but Kate’s came in last after being disqualified in the final race. This did not seem to damper Kate’s spirits at all, however, as she was clearly having a fantastic time!

For her loss in the race, Kate was awarded a giant wooden spoon. The winner of the entire race was celebrity outdoorsman Bear Grylls.

Check out Charlotte’s adorable moment for yourself below!


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