Playful Owl Has A Hoot Of A Time In Children’s Inflatable Pool

A video is going viral this week showing a fun-loving owl have an absolute hoot of a time playing in a children’s inflatable pool.

It was a particularly hot day in the United Kingdom one recent night when a family was stunned to see an owl having a blast in their children’s inflatable pool. The video opens with the owl hopping around in the pool, appearing to look for any danger that could be near. The owl then dips its beak into the water to see how the temperature is.

Apparently satisfied, the owl proceed to start beating it’s wings so that the water would cascade over it’s neck and back. He definitely felt refreshed afterwards!

The video was captured by Robert E. Fuller, a wildlife photographer and artist who used surveillance cameras in his garden near Malton, North Yorkshire to film this at around midnight.

“The paddling pool belongs to my children but they hadn’t really used it for a while and it had filled with rainwater,” he explained. “When I spotted an owl chick using it to bathe in I decided to direct one of my cameras on to the pool.”

“Last year I filmed some tawny owls bathing in my garden pond,” he added. “I was very surprised to see that their chicks had adopted the paddling pool for their own fun this year.”

Fuller went on to explain that birds like this one typically bathe to keep their feathers clean, and there is just enough water in kiddie pool’s like this one to satisfy their needs. Check out the video for yourself below!


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