Pizzeria Puts Missing Pet Flyers In Their Delivery Boxes

A family-owned pizza shop in Matawan, New Jersey has found an incredible way to use their business to help people find their missing pets.

John Sanfratello, the owner of Angelo’s Pizza, started putting missing pet flyers in his delivery boxes after he recently came up with the idea when he saw a Facebook post about a cat that had run away during a storm. The post left quite an impression on John because his own cat had recently run away, though thankfully his feline had returned home. Wanting to help this family get reunited with their cat, John put their flyer in his delivery boxes, and he’s been doing this ever since!

He then took to the Angelo’s Pizza Facebook page to let his community know that anyone can drop off their missing pet flyers.

John was stunned to get calls from as far away as Australia about his new initiative.

“This will be this generation’s milk carton,” John said. “We used to post missing persons and missing children on milk cartons — why can’t we put a flyer for missing pets on pizzas?”

Social media users also just can’t get enough of what John is doing.

“I’m going to drive all the way to Matawan to eat just because of this post and my husband owns a pizzeria,” one person commented, with another adding, “I love this! I don’t live anywhere near you but if I’m in the area I will only get pizza from you!”

Find out more about this in the video below.


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