Pilot Breaks Down As Passengers Sing Emotional ‘Irish Blessing’ For His Final Flight

When it came time for an airline pilot to retire after flying planes for decades, his passengers decided to send him off in style by performing an emotional rendition of an Irish goodbye.

Brian Lenzen is a pilot from Chaska, Minnesota who spent 34 years flying for American Airlines, and though he still loved flying with all his heart, he had to retire when he reached the age of 65.

“Most pilots, they don’t really consider it work,” he said. “It’s one of those dream jobs.”

Wanting to make sure his final flight was special, he picked his favorite colleagues to join him and chose Dublin, Ireland to be his final destination.

In a beautiful twist of fate, an Irish choir happened to be onboard the plane for the flight. When they heard that this would be Brian’s last time flying, they asked a flight attendant if they could sing an Irish blessing to him in celebration of his retirement.

When Brian walked off the plane, he was greeted by St. Anthony on the Lake choir, who had a very special goodbye for him. Brian could not help but break down in tears as they sang him the traditional Irish blessing.

“It was just a very special moment,” Brian said. “I’m kind of an emotional guy anyway, and so I got a little tearful realizing that was for me.”

Brian has been enjoying his retirement since his video went viral, but he still misses his job.

“It’s pretty nice to get away and not have to go to work,” he said. “But also, I often miss the job.”

Check out the sweet sendoff in the video below.


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