Ohip Cop Helps With Couple’s Engagement – Gets Praise From Bride-To-Be’s Mother

A mother from Ohio just spoke out to thank the Cincinnati police officer who went “out of his way” to help with her daughter’s engagement.

It all started earlier this month, when Dianne Ruwe Shipley wrote to the Cincinnati Police Department to praise Officer Darryl Tyus for doing everything he could to make the couple’s engagement run smoothly. She explained that her daughter’s boyfriend was planning to propose at Cincinnati’s Washington Park on Saturday, Aug. 3, and that her whole family knew he was going to do it. Dianne’s family was secretly waiting nearby to celebrate with the happy couple after the proposal, and she wanted to sneak a couple of “covert” photos anyway.

“Officer Tyus was on duty in Washington Park,” Dianne wrote. “He noticed our (covert) photography and became aware of the situation.”

The officer immediately asked how he could help and what the couple looked like so he could start to divert other park-goers from the site of the proposal. After the proposal, he snapped snapshots of the pair and their parents so that they could all have photos together. Darryl even escorted the couple through the park to meet the rest of their families, who were waiting to celebrate.

“Darryl went out of his way to enhance an already precious evening,” Dianne said.

Dianne thought it was important to commend Darryl because police officers like him often don’t get the recognition and respect they deserve.

“The public is quickly and consistently made aware of presumed indiscretions or missteps by law enforcement officers,” she wrote. “Seldom are citizens made aware of the positive actions of police officers.”


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