New Floating Tent Allows You To Camp On The Water

If you love camping and being on the water, you definitely need to check out this tent.

A company called SmithFly has just released the Shoal Tent, which is basically an inflatable raft with a tent covering it that allows you to fall asleep on the water as you float away.

“The world is your waterbed,” the SmithFly website states. “Sleep under the stars, on the water, feel the flow and let it lull you to sleep.”

The Shoal Tent structure is fully inflatable and can be collapsed into a burrito roll style carry and storage bag, measuring 60″x24″x18.” The tent can stand up to high winds without any issue and is large enough for a 6-foot-tall person to comfortably stand or lie down in.

“70% of the earth is covered with water, now you camp on it! Camp on your favorite farm pond, saltwater flat, spring creek, or eddy on your favorite river,” SmithFly adds.

Social media users have had mixed reactions to the tent, with many saying it looks dangerous.

“Why simply observe a majestic waterfall when you can go hurdling over it in a nylon coffin,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “This is perfect for those times you’d like to wake up dozens of miles from your car.”

One Twitter user even suggested that SmithFly remarked the tent as an emergency kit for people in flooded areas.

“This shouldn’t be marketed as a recreation thing,” the person tweeted. “It should be marketed as an emergency survival kit for people in flood areas. It could fit a family and the dog too.”

“We love this idea and definitely want to work on it in the future,” SmithFly responded. “We think these things could actually help people stay closer to home during high water events.”

Find out more about this in the video below.


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